Disaster Recovery

Though most business owners understand the risks associated with major disasters, many don’t realize that the majority of data loss is often the result of small localized problems. These are important considerations for any business owner, but for small and mid-sized businesses, these realities leave no doubt about the value of having a Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

The sole purpose behind backup is peace of mind along with data recovery, and in some cases regulatory requirement. When your data is unavailable, downtime is real and costs escalate. Both SMBs and large enterprises need appropriate backup solutions to support business structure and goals. Wahaya provides solutions that span local, remote and hybrid. The right solution depends on factors that include speed to restore, protection from local disasters, to full image or specific file backups. Contact us for help weighing the pros and cons of all backup options to determine the best protection for your business.

Whether it’s theft, fire, failed hardware or even a false fire alarm sprinkler incident that could impact the availability of your server, we have the solution that will ensure your business continues without interruption. We use the top rated backup solutions and provide experienced engineers for design and implementation.

Whether servers or endpoint backup is needed, we can customize a solution for your needs.  We provide continuous protection for the successful performance of our disaster recovery solution through 24 hour 7 day a week monitoring and management of it’s daily process. This allows us to stand behind our solution and provide the level of protection your business requires.

Even in today’s highly virtualized environments, some endpoints (i.e., desktops and laptops) will always remain physical and need to be backed up. But since many endpoint backup tools on the market are either expensive or ineffective, we employ two separate backup systems targeted for their specific tasks.

EndPoint Backup

can desktops in your office, and remotely backup notebooks which may traveling.

Infrastructure Data Protection System

can backup messaging stores, databases, and all your critical business documents, down to the bare metal.