Managed Services

A Managed Services Provider (MSP) is an outsourced IT department – offering companies strategy, standards, best practices and workflow management which reduces risk, improves competitive advantage and enhances operational efficiency.

Tailored Packages

Our services provide a full-time, fully staffed IT department at a fraction of the cost of running your own. On top of that, as a company we are always on the job – we never get sick, we never go on vacation and we never quit for a higher paying job.

The convergence of mobility, BYOD, and the migration from the traditional PC as the mainstay to various types of desktop interfaces is driving the demand for IT organizations to evaluate how desktops are governed. Amplifying the pressure is the organizational need to continue to reduce the total cost of ownership while enhancing the users’ experience. However, essential requirements like data security and compliance often make embracing new tools a challenge. Which is why Wahaya is here to aide you in any IT Management issues or questions you may have.

Network monitoring and management is when we place monitoring agents on your network and application resources in order to achieve awareness of their current status. We use an industry leading remote monitoring and management  to deliver the best solution for our clients. Our certified technicians leverage this technology to bring you the transparency and dependability that larger corporations refuse to go without.

As with anything in life, early detection can be your best defense. Imagine a heart monitor with a 24 hour nurse to watch the condition of that critically important organ. The information that we receive from our monitored implementations can be compared to this by allowing us to detect if a device is beginning to show signs of failure and putting qualified specialist in front of this information.

Having real-time information regarding the health of your technology resources and skilled professionals to interpret that information will increase the reliability of those resources by ensuring a timely response to any issues that arise.

Predictable costs 24/7

Asset Inventory

Comprehensive IT inventory that is always up-to-date.

Data Backup

We maintain backups and test to protect critical data.

24×7 Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of server, desktop and laptop computers.

Proactive Consulting

Working to align your technology set up with your business plans.


Your employees get direct access to their support team. 

Vendor Management

We manage your IT vendors on your behalf.

Network Support

We maintain your network and security.

Ticketing System

We have an integrated system for tracking alerts and service requests.

Software Upgrades

We manage software deployment, upgrades, and updates.


We can provide training upon request, on demand, virtually, or in a classroom environment.