Professional Services

When it comes to the technology – the hardware, software, applications and systems – you need to run your business, it can be difficult to make sense of all your options. That’s where a Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) can help.

Organizations that take a strategic approach to technology rather than a reactive one are best able to overcome competitive pressures, surmount business challenges, reduce risk and foster lasting success. Wahaya Professional Services practice was developed with these specific business goals in mind. Available on a project or regular basis, we have subject matter expertise that covers a wide range of disciplines and categories.  Our experts leverage technologies to address your organization’s goals and execute tactical strategies that grow and/or preserve the health of your business. We listen to your needs and develop appropriate solutions.

Whether you are looking for an ongoing IT partner or strategic cloud services provider, Wahaya is here for you. We empower businesses and build trust with clients by providing predictable and positive results. We promise to make your IT practical, secure, cost effective and reliable- every step of the way.  Every business needs an IT team, but not every business needs the complications of running an IT department in-house. We offer complete Managed Services to meet your IT requirements expertly, reliably and professionally.

Hardware and Software

Using outdated business intelligence solutions and applications make for sluggish functionality and reduced productivity. Wahaya enables your business to stay competitive by providing the hardware and software patches and upgrades needed to achieve optimal business performance.

Network Assessment

We beleive your company should undergo a periodic network assessment even when everything appears to be working fine. Every business decision or action has a reaction, and a network assessment identifies the challenges and risks at work in your business.

Deployment Services

Staying current and competitive in business often means re-evaluating technologies and business solutions. Our technicians provide the manpower, expertise and experience in integrated solutions to get the job done right, on time, and on budget.


Routers, switches and wireless infrastructure are an essential part of the network for connectivity. We offer a variety of hardware solutions that ensures we find the right solution to match your needs.

Backup Administration

Ensuring that your business’ most important resource, your client data, is a specialty of ours. Be sure to checkout our backup and disaster recovery solutions. They could save your business one day.

Application setup and support

Line of business applications are one of the many areas that we stand above our competition. We work with vendors in Medical, Legal and Accounting markets and have familiarized ourselves with over 100 applications that enable your business.

Policy administration

Setting up a sound network is not enough to ensure success. We drive the initiatives for our clients by enforcing policies that ensure successful results for our clients. After all, the tool is only as good as the person that’s yielding it and we believe that educating your employees pays off in many ways including reduced support calls for us.

Security Assessment

This is our primary it consulting service. Here we perform a vulnerability assessment of your network and determine if you have any security holes and provide a comprehensive list of recommended tasks in order to resolve those vulnerabilities.