So, like any responsible business owner, you are exceptionally aware of the risks that cyber-attacks and online hackers present to your data. We hope you are diligently working to ensure that your customer’s data is protected constantly. But have you spent much time looking at your obligations regarding the handling of that data? A data breach is more than just a risk to your business due to defection, angry clients, and brand damage. In many cases, some laws regulate how you handle data and require legal notification if a breach occurs.

Every organization needs to be aware that it is likely subject to data protection or data security laws. You are also very likely to be subject to breach notification laws. Which are laws that require a business to alert victims and government agencies of a data breach.

At the Federal level, the United States doesn’t have any overarching and comprehensive data protection laws of the sort that most European nations do. However, these laws do exist, and they primarily affect individual sectors, such as healthcare. In addition, presently, 48 states in the US have laws requiring private or governmental entities to notify people experiencing a data breach. In other words, if you possess personal data, you may have a regulatory responsibility to report the violation to both a government entity and the individual victim. Meeting IT regulations can be expensive and time-consuming, and they also require timely upgrades. However, failure to stay up to date can lead to fines, penalties, and a damaged reputation. Wahaya IT can help you keep up with these IT obligations and much more!

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