Wahaya IT offers expert level cyber security services to Baton Rouge businesses. We start with a server, firewall, router and network audit, making sure you are 100% safe with your data and transmissions. Then we work with you to implement solutions that work with your company and how your teams work. With so many companies having employees work from home and mobile, it’s critical to have all your data secured. In addition, we have fully implemented testing for your hardware, software and training your teams.

With top notch technicians and a great team to support your company, you’ll find our service plans and offerings very affordable. We enjoy helping companies of any size with their computing and networking needs. Need special Office 365 help? We can help you create a game plan that stays in your budget and gives you the best configuration and most important, security features.

Backed by technology experts, we help organizations gain the full benefits of existing systems, make strategic investments in implementing replacement solutions and maintain infrastructure that is secure, dynamic, and reliable. We offer a full range of solutions including a full managed services, mobile computing, Virtual CIO, IT strategy, virtualization, cloud computingbusiness continuity, network security and IP telephony.

Contact us today for a no cost consult and see how we can become the most important part of your team, the team that keeps things running!