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3 Important IT checklists that no SMB should miss
January 22, 2020

IT Training Checklist Your IT staff is not the only one who needs IT training. Everyone in your office does. An…

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Adopting a BYOD policy
January 17, 2020

Employee convenience is one of the primary drivers for adopting a BYOD policy. However, just because it can make life easier…

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Website cloning: Don’t fall for that trap!
January 14, 2020

Have you watched one of those horror movies where the something impersonates the protagonist only to wreak havoc later? Well, website…

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BYOD=Bring your own disaster?
January 12, 2020

Workplaces today have changed. They extend beyond the working hours, beyond the cubicles. Whether you are commuting to work or even…

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3 things your Managed Services Provider (MSP) wants you to know
January 2, 2020

Are you considering bringing an MSP on board? Or perhaps you already have one. Either way, for you to truly benefit…

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Four ways unified communications can improve productivity Part II
January 1, 2020

In our last blog, we suggested that unified communications add value to an organization’s efforts to increase productivity. It can facilitate…

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Don’t make these IT mistakes as you grow!
December 31, 2019

During IT consultancy, we come across many clients who are not happy with the way their IT shaped up over the…

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Assessing your MSP in the first appointment
December 29, 2019

Handing over your IT to an MSP is a major decision. Who do you choose, and more importantly, how? While no…

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Hiring seasonal staff? Here are a few things to consider from the IT
December 27, 2019

In many industries, there are seasonal spikes in business around specific times. For example, CPAs/Accounting firms, though busy all year, CPAs/Accounting…

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Cyber insurance: What’s the cost and what does it cover
December 25, 2019

Cyber insurance covers a range of elements, the most basic being the legal expenses incurred due to falling victim to cybercrime….

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