Defending against cyberattacks – Antivirus software and antivirus employees

There are two basic defenses you should have to defend against cyberattacks. One is technological; the other is human. Together, the two can go a long way in protecting the integrity and security of your data.

Antivirus Software and Network Protection

One of the risks you face these days is the one that is most likely to damage your brand. It is the one most likely to undermine customer confidence and trust deeply. That risk is a data breach. As a result, if you experience some form of a data breach where your clients perceive their data as compromised, consider your brand damaged permanently. More importantly, you are likely liable for the financial consequences of a data breach. Make sure that the latest antivirus software protects your systems and that you are consistently updating them. New viruses appear every day, so outdated antivirus software is less likely to protect you.

Employee Training

One of the tools for risk managers is risk avoidance. Avoid getting into trouble in the first place. Training employees about their responsibility for data security is critical. One of the primary ways that hackers and thieves gain access to corporate data is through employee error. Therefore, every employee needs training on proper password behavior. Simple guidelines about changing passwords frequently and never sharing passwords are basic but important first steps.

Additionally, employees need the training to identify fake websites and phishing scams. Opening emails with bad attachments and links is a principal source for entry into company accounts and databases. Wahaya IT can provide tips and guidance on training your employees about data security.


In summary, small businesses need to be aware of the risks that exist and make plans that do not catch themselves flat-footed when disaster strikes. Smaller firms need to be mindful of this because they are the least likely to have the deeper pockets to rebound after a catastrophic event hits their business. Wahaya IT is an excellent resource for developing a risk management plan for your IT infrastructure.

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