Device configurations often need backups to maintain a repository of backups ready to be restored in emergencies. In large enterprises with more devices, getting the device configuration backup up becomes a huge mundane task taking up most of the time of an admin. Automating configuration backups will free up a network admin’s time to do productivity-enhancing tasks.

Any change made to the device configuration in a network carries the possibility of an error. An erroneous configuration change can cause network issues ranging from performance degradation to network outage. This is particularly true for those network devices that are crucial for the infrastructure. Therefore, it should detect any changes in such devices and back up the device’s configuration file.

Unauthorized configuration changes often wreak havoc on business continuity, so detecting modifications is crucial. Detection should be real-time to have effective control. Network Configuration Manager offers real-time configuration change detection.

In conclusion, these results are why you should have an automated software solution to backup and monitor your network infrastructure.

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