Wahaya IT offers email phishing software installation and team training for our business clients in the Baton Rouge Area. Email phishing typically happens when you click on a link in an email or click on a bad link for a website. What happens is those emails you get from someone else you know who has been hacked, tricked you into clicking a link and then asking for your email password or banking information. Often these can end up with a wire transfer and cost your business $1000’s of dollars that is not covered by your insurance. Wahaya IT offers team training, security setup and back up plans. Let us help prevent this from happening to your business computer systems and get setup with our managed systems.

We do not have a storefront, most of our work is done remotely. But we do offer onsite support for your business. From servers to POS systems to desktop computers, we cover it all. With top notch technicians and a great team to support your company, you’ll find our service plans and offerings very affordable. We enjoy helping companies of any size with their computing and networking needs. Need special Office 365 help? We can help you create a game plan that stays in your budget and gives you the best configuration and most important, security features.

Backed by technology experts, we help organizations gain the full benefits of existing systems, make strategic investments in implementing replacement solutions and maintain infrastructure that is secure, dynamic, and reliable. We offer a full range of solutions including a full managed services, mobile computing, Virtual CIO, IT strategy, virtualization, cloud computingbusiness continuity, network security and IP telephony.

Contact us today for a no cost consult and see how we can become the most important part of your team, the team that keeps things running!