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it company baton rougeLooking for an IT company that offers network support in Baton Rouge? Wahaya IT Consulting offers exceptional end user support and services to businesses. From desktop application to network support, we cover it all. We have top notch technicians and a great team to support your company.  You’ll find our service offerings very affordable. We enjoy helping companies of any size with their computing needs.

Need special Office 365 help? Rather, do you need to develop an Office 365 plan that stays in your budget, while still giving you the best configuration and also most important features such as security?

Backed by technology experts, we help companies gain the full benefits of existing systems.  Maybe you need to make strategic investments based on budget.  Certainly you need to implement solutions that are secure, dynamic, and reliable.

We offer a full range of solutions including managed services, Furthermore we can assist with mobile computing, vCIO, strategyvirtualizationcloud , continuity, security and telephony.

Contact us today for a no cost consult and see how we can become the most important part of your team, the team that keeps things running!

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