Social media at work…what could go wrong?

As a business, there is no doubt today that you need to make your presence felt. Business’s do this on major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. But social media also exposes you to cybercriminals. This post discusses the steps ensure your social media account doesn’t become a gateway for cybercriminals to access your data.

Make someone accountable

Firstly, make someone in your organization accountable for the social media experience. Designate a social media manager who is responsible for maintaining your company’s social media accounts. This person should oversee everything–from the posts and pictures in your company account to approving/disapproving ‘Friend’/’Follow’ requests.

Train your employees

Of course, you should train your employees who handle your official social media accounts about the security threats and how they need to steer clear of them. Still, you also need to train other employees who are not on your social media team.  They could be a weak link that a cybercriminal could exploit to reach your business. Seems farfetched? Not really. Many people trust their ‘friends’ on social media and unwittingly share a lot of information. Others can use this information to hack accounts and devices, acting as a gateway to your business. Therefore, teach your employees about general social media best practices regarding security. Educate them about the privacy settings they can use to ensure their data is shared with trusted individuals only.

Take the necessary security measures

Ensure the devices you use to access your social media accounts are protected with firewalls and anti-malware tools, and all security updates and patches are up to date.

Password hygiene

Practice good password hygiene and encourage your teams to do the same. That means no password sharing, no sequential letters/numerals, no apparent words, or numbers as your social media account password.

Frame a social media policy

It would help if you also framed a social media policy that spells out the dos and don’ts of social media that everyone in your organization should follow. This is important from various perspectives as employee’s statements on social media may be perceived as a reflection of your business’s values, whether you like it or not. In addition, a lack of policy can make your business a target of cybercriminals and lawsuits.

Putting your business out there on social networking sites gives your brand a lot of exposure, presents paid advertising opportunities, and even helps you build and manage customer relationships. Still, as discussed, it can be tricky to navigate in terms of security. Businesses may find it overwhelming to manage their social media security strategy all by themselves. Instead, reach out to a managed services provider like Wahaya IT. We can be an asset in helping you build a solid social media security strategy.

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