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Hosted solutions, commonly known as cloud solutions, can provide essential components of an organization’s IT infrastructure in a secure, redundant, and managed environment. Your employees can access the cloud remotely via any internet connection. This technology is made available in a “Cloud” of online resources instead of purchasing and maintaining the systems and software necessary to run your business on-site.

Cloud services offer businesses a host of advanced options, such as servers, applications, and desktops. As a result, companies can now remotely store and access their data and supporting systems safely and securely – saving time, space, and money.

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How Cloud Solutions Can Save Your Company Money:

It can reduces the need (and cost) for expensive hardware that takes up space in the office.
The Cloud reduces the cost of cooling expensive hardware.
Employees can securely connect to business systems from their devices, resulting in reduced hardware costs overall.

Is cloud a fit?

Deciding to migrate to the cloud comes with many questions and options. Should I migrate? Which cloud service fits my business best? Wahaya IT can provide these answers. Our unbiased experts are here to advise what the customized solution is for your business.

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