Business Continuity

A business continuity plan is a plan to help ensure that business processes can continue during a time of emergency or disaster. Such emergencies or disasters might include a fire or any other case where business is not able to occur under normal conditions.

Whether it’s a single file or a critical system, our secure backups and range of restore tools are optimized to get you back to business quickly.

We have the tools to get you back up no matter the scenario:

  • Restore single files or folders
  • Point-in-time rollback to quickly recover from Ransomware
  • Fast, full system restore to the same or new hardware.

Disasters can take many forms:

  • Failures of hardware, software, systems, or data centers
  • Business-halting natural disasters
  • Unintentional human error or malicious insiders
  • Ransomware attacks
There is a widespread misconception that data created and stored in the cloud does not need to be backed up. Microsoft operates on the "shared responsibility" model, meaning that they maintain the infrastructure but recovering data is your responsibility. When data is deleted, corrupted, or encrypted by malware... it's "not their problem"

Do you have a disaster plan?

Business continuity is more than just backup. It involves thinking about the business on a higher level. Large or small, we have an affordable solution for your size business.
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Adopting a BYOD policy

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