EndPoint Backup

Even in today’s highly virtualized environments, some endpoints (i.e., desktops and laptops) will always remain physical and need to be backed up. But since many endpoint backup tools on the market are designed to be individually configured, our EB product can deploy in mass scale.

Every file, every device with remote deployment
Windows or Mac based Desktops, Notebooks to Tablets
Control storage allotments and pay only for current file version
Allot store based on need, per user. Pay for only what you need.
SOC2 audited, HIPAA compliant
Meet compliance requirements with rotating encryption keys.
Increase Staff Productivity
End-client portal allows self restore & recovery.
Deploy on with mass scale
Configure the backup agent in the portal and deploy 10 or 10,000 agents and never have to configure the individual device.

The simplest way to backup Windows and Mac based devices on mass scale.


Comprehensive Backup Features

  • Combine multiple devices into a single user based account
  • Sequential or concurrent backup from multiple devices
  • Automatic Redundancy Check (CRC) in client
  • Windows open file backup through VSS
  • Continuous backup for files in Windows
  • Command line tool installation

Easy Restore

  • Point in time restore
  • One time restore multiple versions
  • Search for files or folders to restore
  • Restore anywhere through client or web portal

Uncompromised Security / Privacy

  • Password protection
  • SSL transmission
  • Single Sign-On
  • Auto-rotating truly randomized encrypting key for each backup set
  • Filename and content encryption

Support Common Operating Systems

  • Mac
  • Windows for Desktop
  • Windows for Server

In-App Reporting Tools

  • Graphical usage report by user
  • Backup report
  • Restore report

Speed Boosting

  • Multi-threading
  • In-File Delta
  • User configurable compression

Friendly Reminders

  • Users can self restore data from a portal launched from the client
  • Storage quota alerts in portal
  • Runs in System Tray
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