Network Monitoring

If you need to maintain routers, switches, firewalls, wireless access points, wireless controllers, or map your network we can do it.

Our monitoring systems allow you to:

  • Manage IT employee access to devices and subnets
  • Manage manage credentials in a secure and compliant way
  • Access network devices efficiently and securely
  • Back up network configurations
  • Keep up with networking best practices
  • Provide consistent levels of network availibility
  • Access remote devices on networks quickly
  • Know about networks devices in real-time
  • Know about network performance trends
  • Restore network device configurations

Network Configuration Backups

Stuff happens—and not all of it can be predicted or avoided. But no matter what causes network downtime, getting your client back up as quickly as possible is important. That’s where network configuration backups can save your bacon.

Network Diagrams in real time

Good network diagrams aren’t hard to make, but even network engineers with years of experience often make diagrams that are jumbled and hard to understand.  Our system creates diagrams in real time based on actual network connected data.

View Live and historical statistics

Not only can you get live and historical statistics of up-down events, IP address usages, device and connectivitiy outages, but also you can get insights on network flow.

To get definitive insights into what comprises network traffic, flow-based network instrumentation by haveing network devices generate flow record snapshots, using formats such as NetFlow, sFlow, or IPFIX, as packets stream through them.


Two-factor authentication

Apply heightened security at the global or site level.

User Management

Easily control who has access to which devices and subnets.

Automated mapping

In minutes, see a complete map of physical and logical topologies.

Automated Inventory

Have a profile for every device on a network at your fingertips.

Map search and filter

Quickly find and visually isolate any part of a network.

Map export

Print any map view to PDF or SVG for easy sharing or storage.

Credential management

Never again forget device credentials or leave them vulnerable. Manage them securely within the monitoring system.

Network documentation

Instantly know how everything on a network is connected down to the port level.

IP Address management

Get an automatic list of all the IP addresses currently in use and which devices are using them.

Configuration Backup

Instantly bring back any configuration from the version history.

Configuration Analysis

Get suggestions for improving the performance and stability of your client networks.

Alerts and Notifications

Stay on top of important network events with both preconfigured and customizable alerting.

NetFlow data & analytics

Gain real-time visibility into network traffic with analytics and reports.

Live and historical data

View network performance as it happens with 60-second polling, or dive into detailed logs.

Infrastructure Backup
Our Infrastructure Data Protections System can backup messaging stores, databases, and all your critical business documents, down to the bare metal, even routers and switches.
EndPoint Backup
Our Endpoint Backup solution can backup your desktops, notebooks and tablets, no matter where they are, and can deployed in mass scale.
Device configurations need to be backed up as well

Device configurations need to be backed up as well

Device configurations need to be backed up often to maintain a repository of backups ready to be restored in case of emergencies. In large enterprises with more number of devices, this task of getting the device configuration backup up becomes a huge mundane task taking up most of the time…

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Secure Offsite server backup software provides more than piece of mind

Secure Offsite server backup software provides more than piece of mind

Data is the most important aspect of your computer. An operating system can be reinstalled and so can applications, but it may be difficult or impossible to recreate your original data. It is essential that you always back up your important information and have a plan for recovering from a…

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Laptop data backup and desktop data backup are just as important

Laptop data backup and desktop data backup are just as important

Laptop data backup and desktop data backup is just as important as enterprise data backup. Whether your laptops and desktops are for business or personal use, you want to make sure they're backed up correctly because the data on them is often more vulnerable than data that is backed up…

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