Remote Access

Remote Access solutions can enable your business to operate from anywhere, anytime, using the resources in your office.

Whether it’s a single file, critical client data, an accounting system, or your desk phone. We can help you find a solution to quickly and efficiently allow your business ton continue operating after hours, out of the office, from anywhere, anytime.

Just need a secure, remote connection?

Do you need to allow your employees access to their work computers from home?

Do you need VPN?

  • Access files or folders or print to the office?
  • Access accounting system or network Drives with existing client data.

Can you answer phones?

  • Have your staff answer calls.
  • Reschedule appointments
  • Take orders from home.

Do you need a plan?

Business continuity is necessary! It involves thinking about the business on a higher level.

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  • Chat, calls & meetings for today's teams

    Communicate in the moment and keep everyone in the know.

  • Integrated Office 365 experience

    Manage all your conversations, files, and tools in one team workspace.

  • Customizable and extensible

    Tailor your Teams workspace to include data and apps your teams use every day.

  • Enterprise security, compliance & manageability

    Security, compliance, and management features you expect from Office 365.

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