Unified Communications

As a business you need every advantage you can get to enable you to compete against competitors with more resources. We can provide user-friendly, cost-effective, enterprise-class VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions, along with video collaboration solutions either Hosted or On-Premise.

Unified Communications can bring email and voicemail into one place. It can integrate meetings, presentations, chat, video and even voice calls into a single application for increased productivity, and in some case can be more cost effective than traditional analog solutions.

On Premise

On-premise PBX is also known as an IP-PBX phone system. It is similar to a traditional PBX system that resides at a location, such as a computer equipment room or phone closet. Calls can go through a traditional phone company as well as voice over Internet (VoIP) using SIP trunking.


Hosted PBX or hosted VoIP, is where the provider is responsible for housing the IP-PBX as well as handling the technology required to provide the services to the phone system. The desk sets will plug into your network and are connected to the provider’s network.

We work with many vendors to customize each system for exactly what you need.

There are pros and cons of both hosted PBX as well as on-premise PBX. There are some fundamental differences to each of the systems and they feature advantages that should be known prior to making a decision on one or the other. The move to an IP-PBX business phone system is beneficial regardless of which system is ultimately chosen. However, there are differences and knowing those leads to a better VoIP phone system and a higher level of satisfaction for the company, employees and most importantly callers.

Using analog?

There are undeniable benefits to moving to a unified communications system. Our unbiased experts are here to tell you whether making a change is the right solution for you.

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