Application Virtualization

Application virtualization separates the app from the OS, allowing IT to deliver applications in the most efficient way possible. These are just a few of the other benefits: You don’t have to install apps. They are easier to patch and upgrade. And you can run multiple versions on the same OS. Plus, in the age of bring your own device, application streaming allows IT to deliver apps to many kinds of endpoints.

Application virtualization is software technology that separates software from the underlying operating system on which it is running.  A fully virtualized application is not installed in the traditional sense, although it is still executed as if it were. The application behaves at runtime like it is directly interfacing with the original operating system and all the resources managed by it, but can be isolated or sandboxed to varying degrees.

Various industry leading vendors are able to accomplish Application Virtualization:

Citrix provides a complete virtual app solution to meet all your business needs. Give employees the freedom to work from anywhere while cutting IT costs. Deliver Windows, Linux, web and SaaS applications from any cloud—public, on premises or hybrid.
Microsoft App-V enables organizations to deliver Windows applications to users as virtual applications. Virtual applications are installed on centrally managed servers and delivered to users as a service – in real time and on as as-needed basis.
VMware Horizon Suite is a collection of products and technologies designed to help information technology (IT) administrators deliver desktops and applications and secure data on a variety of endpoint devices.

Are you ready to make the move?

We can assist you with any virtualization needs that your organization may have. We are experienced with most virtualization hyper-visors and virtualization for application and desktop infrastructure.

Need the entire desktop virtualized?

Desktop virtualization can be used in conjunction with application virtualization and user profile management systems, now termed "user virtualization," to provide a comprehensive desktop environment management system.
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