Microsoft Office software

Are you looking for a tool to take your business productivity to the next level? Microsoft 365 (formally known as Office 365) got designed to help businesses achieve more digitally with apps, cloud services, and more.

Whether you already use the Microsoft Office Suite, thinking of switching , or opt for Microsoft 365 as your first office tool, Wahaya IT is here to help.


Microsoft 365 for business is a cloud suite of Microsoft Office apps and programs. This includes email, spreadsheets, presentations, documents, calendars/reminders, collaboration, chat tools, and more. In 2019, Microsoft 365 hit 200 million active users It’s the official productivity suite used by many small businesses to enterprises.


 Microsoft 365 is a web-based package unlike the standard office package. Web-based means it stores your data in the cloud and retrieves it every time you need to access it. Therefore, it is not necessary to keep the software on your computer, though you also have the option to install it if you wish.



The regular Microsoft Office package stores your data locally, on a computer. When you keep your information locally, there are chances of downtime and data loss if the hard disk becomes corrupted or fails. Furthermore, you need to have access to the specific computer or hard disk that has the stored data in order to access it. Since Microsoft Office 365 is a web-based system, your data is accessible from anywhere.

Takes Care of Standard Data Security

Microsoft 365 uses encryption. With encryption, your data is safer than it would be on the desktop version of the Microsoft Office suite. Plus, it meets HIPPA and FERPA compliance, making it easier to operate in the healthcare or education industry (the importance of this gets highlighted on our blog here). Also, the security in cloud-based storage is generally stronger than what you get when storing at the local level.

More Storage

Microsoft 365 offers more storage space compared to the standard version of Microsoft Office. When you use Outlook to email clients in the traditional version, the emails stores on your hard drive. This method slows down your system and eventually makes you run out of space. This will force you to delete a lot of those older emails.

We often find that clients don’t want to lose old emails. They may contain important information, or they don’t want to spend time browsing through hundreds of them deciding which ones to delete. In any case, Microsoft 365 comes with plenty of cloud storage space, so email storage shouldn’t become an issue.

More Efficient

Microsoft 365, being the most recent version of Microsoft Office, is one of the most efficient versions. In addition to the other advantages, it has updates and improvements that can boost your productivity better than the traditional Microsoft Office Suite.

Microsoft is continuously at work, innovating to make its tools more efficient. A recent example is its ability to capture printed data in Excel. So if you have a printed data chart, you can instantly convert it into a spreadsheet by just clicking a picture using your smartphone and the Microsoft 365 app.

Mobile Compatibility and Real-Time Synchronization

Microsoft 365 is mobile compatible and has an app that you can use on your phone to access and edit your Office files anytime, anywhere. Since the files are in the cloud, multiple people may work on the files simultaneously.

Upgrades Are Much Easier

Since Microsoft 365 is online, you don’t have to manually implement software updates or version upgrades for each device. Unfortunately, updates and revisions can be expensive and cumbersome, so businesses tend to stick with the older version rather than pay for and install a new one. As a result, relying on old versions and updates can create security issues. In Microsoft 365, you receive simultaneous automated updates and version upgrades across all your accounts.

Offers a Good Number of Support Tools

Microsoft 365 is more than Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It offers many other support tools that make collaboration more manageable and help boost your team’s overall productivity: some examples include SharePoint, Teams, and OneNote.

You Are Paying Only for What You Use

In the traditional setup, you pay for, install, and use the software program on each device. That means staff working remotely from home or other locations won’t have access to the programs. With Microsoft 365, you are paying per license, irrespective of the device used. That means anyone can access it from anywhere, using their credentials. This flexible approach also makes it easy when you scale up or down in terms of staff.

You Don’t Have to Pay Upfront

When you subscribe to Microsoft 365, you can pay the licensing fee monthly. Thus, it is more of a pay-as-you-go format. In the traditional Microsoft Office setup, you had to pay for the number of licenses you bought, and they were yours to keep. However, the subscription was only on the device you purchased through them. This means you could only install 365 on one device.

All Your Favorite Features Stay the Same

If you are already well versed with the traditional Microsoft Office, you don’t have to worry about Microsoft 365 being any different. Microsoft has not made any significant changes in the cloud version that might confuse users familiar with the desktop version.

Great Admin Tools

Microsoft 365 offers IT administrators tools that provide them with a lot of control and visibility over activities. Here’s what administrators can do with the new Microsoft 365:


Administrators can use the admin control tools to generate reports that tell them usage patterns, draw attention to bugs, or program downtimes. The reports also provide usage patterns that can help you streamline subscription costs.

No matter how intuitive a software suite is to install and use, it is still time-consuming—especially when, you have a business to run. You have to make sure the software suite is regularly updated, the security patches are in place, and the tool complies with industry regulations and standards. Not to mention, there are multiple versions of Microsoft 365, each suitable for different business sizes and uses. 

With all of these variables, it is best to turn to the experts to help you make the right decisions for your business. Consider getting assistance from a Wahaya IT. Wahaya IT is authorized by Microsoft and can focus on keeping your program up to date and secure. This weight off your shoulders allows you to focus on your company as a whole.

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